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WhatsApp Business- API 💬

“To be successful,

you have to have your heart in your business

and your business in your heart.”

Quoted by Thomas Watson, Jr

WhatsApp helps more than 1.5 billion people who connect and share with the people. WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers worldwide.

API - Application Programming Interface

The WhatsApp Business API has many features from the WhatsApp applications from Android, iOS, and Web. This application can programmatically send and receive messages and integrate the workflow with your own systems.

Working of Whatsapp Business API:

When you into the limited public preview the first step for businesses to communicate with customers on WhatsApp is creating Whatsapp business account.This business account will allow people to easily identify the business and find out information such as your address, hours of operation, website, and description. With the help of your business account in the Facebook Business Manager you will have the power to create message templates for sending responses to customers at larger scale

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to respond to customers for free for 24 hours, then charging a fixed fee for every message after that. WhatsApp released its free business application last year, but with over 3 million users now, the company appears to have decided to make more profit.

Step 1: Create your WhatsApp Account

Add a phone number and its name to your WhatsApp business account. This will submit the display name for review.

Step 2: Set Up WhatsApp Business API Client

The WhatsApp Business API client will work on any internet-connected gadgets that runs Docker. For example simple testing can be done on a laptop or personal computer

Step 3: Registration for phone number

Once you have the WhatsApp Business API client running, you should register your phone number by sending an API call to the account endpoint.

Step 4: Update Your Application Settings

Once the WhatsApp Business API client is working you can make changes to the application settings. Until registration is complete you will not have access to the profile settings.

Step 5: Send Test Message

You can send test messages using the message endpoint. First of all check the status of the phone number you are using for testing. You have to send your WhatsApp account a message from the test phone number to enable the Customer Service window, which allow you to send any type of message within the 24-hours window. Then, send a text to your test phone number. If the message is delivered it means that the installation has been successful. If it doesn't arrive, check the Web-hook that may indicate any problems.

WhatsApp Business API Guidelines

Network requirements —Network requirement is necessary for the WhatsApp Business API clients to connect to WhatsApp servers

Phone numbers — The phone number should be verified and registered with the business's phone number

Display numbers — Display your business's name when talking to your customers

Data Management — The various data and database management in various types.

Security — The Security concerns to consider for WhatsApp Business API client communications is very secured.

WhatsApp Web Business Tool — [Deprecated] Using the graphic user interface to access the WhatsApp Business API client's settings.

Uses of Whatsapp Business API

From August 2018, selected verified partners and companies have are given access to the official WhatsApp Business API. The business solution offers different innovative usage scenarios for customer and target group communication. The three most effective ways to communicate with your target group, as well as the three most important points in WhatsApp Business API implementation.

The official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, offers customers all the advantages of the official API to optimize their customer communication.

When the companies have to contact their customers via WhatsApp, their customers have to agree to messaging app contact with the business. All the messages and multimedia content will remain under the WhatsApp strict end-to-end encryption. Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook the parenting company have the access see the business- customers conversations or any multimedia sent in the chat.

Usage Scenarios for the WhatsApp Business API

1. Customer Communication & Support

Customers can initiate contact with companies over WhatsApp and ask questions about purchase details, billing procedures, product information, individual concerns, and much more.

2. Notifications & Alerts


Companies are also able to send messages to their customers to provide live updates on important information or changes. The messages can even pop up on the customer’s smartphone lock screen.

3. Target Group Interaction

The most important element in the customer relationship is the personal interaction between the company and the customer. With feedback requests about products or services, and requests for user-generated content, you can gain valuable information and develop a better customer relationship.

The Whatsapp Business API will be really useful in the upcoming years so buckle up young entrepreneurs out there !

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