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What’s up with WhatsApp!


“Good, better, best. Never let it rest ‘Till your good is better and your better is best” Quoted by St. Jerome. So did Brian Acton and Jan Koum!

In this digital world, it is hard to find people without smartphones for obvious reasons. The purpose differs for each person, but the common fact is because of some applications. Yeah, you know that already but do you know which app is considered as number one most used? WHATSAPP has benefitted around 400 billion people and it is considered as number one most used application around the world. There are many other apps which may also be considered, but it wasn’t. Want to know Why and How WhatsApp became number one?

Here we go- speaking in terms of money Facebook, the pioneer of social media launched in 2004 wanted to be a monopoly which was for 6years until the arrival of other apps. Facebook wanted to buy the developing and upcoming best apps which made them buy Instagram and WhatsApp. Hence it bought Instagram for 1 billion in the year 2012 yet they didn’t feel like monopoly because of the presence of WhatsApp. It was the biggest competitor of Facebook. The growth of WhatsApp feared them, so they decided to buy that too in 2014. What is more shocking is they bought WhatsApp for 19 billion with added charges. The price difference between the cost price shows the value of the apps.


Everything in the world has its own history. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009 after they left their job at Yahoo. It was launched as an app that shows statuses of the peoples, like other entrepreneurs they failed, but this led them to start up again. Soon after realizing the demand for more they introduced new features and upgraded frequently like changing the operating model from status display to internet-based instant messaging and video calling app with incidental positioning. This attracted around 250,000 users within a month, which made WhatsApp an app with high utility. In February 2013, the number of users surprisingly rose to 200 million. In the year 2017 WhatsApp became encrypted and was launched for windows and Mac PCs with added features designed for Businesses. In terms of statistics, rate of user for this app increases rapidly, nearly 1 million new users are recorded which is very high compared to other apps.


Each application must meet its own purpose only then it can reach out to everyone. Purposes like educational, entertainment, professional, commercial and contacts. An app is considered as best when it balances every purpose. Apps like Facebook Instagram has its major purpose as entertainment followed by education and commercial. Profession related applications like LinkedIn are not very popular because it is not used by many peoples. Messenger, WeChat, Skype, duo was designed mainly for connecting people. Whereas WhatsApp can be used for profession, entertaining and even for commercial purposes. Hence proved, WhatsApp is the only app that has the perfect balance of purposes. According to people social media is an entertainment platform used to share their own routine lifestyles. Of course WhatsApp has fulfilled entertainment purpose. It also plays vital role in educational purposes too, as we all know in this modern era online class, sharing of e-materials and student’s teacher’s interactions are also developed with the help of WhatsApp. Messages, voice chats/calls or video calls can be in done instantly through WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has high utility and the major reason is that it has less negativity and all age categories people can use this app. In terms of users, WhatsApp has the easy (UI)user interface which pulls all age categories of audience compared to other social media platforms. We don’t have to face awkward situations with strangers because WhatsApp is free from unknown abusive comments where people who have your contact number will be connected to you which is why it is said to be the safest app. Time plays important role in every app, here we can say how important WhatsApp is based on time. Every app have its time or to be precise we can say occasion where each app is used by people on certain occasions, like Instagram Facebook are used to kill time which is similar for all entertainment apps. LinkedIn, Meet, Zoom and WebEx is used only for meetings, attending webinars or to browse something related to career. But WhatsApp is not an occasion dependent app because we’ll always need it. With spending free time to quality time in education and business stuffs WhatsApp is used on lots of occasions. While other social media platform being extravagant WhatsApp is being essential.


• Jan Koum was also originally from the Soviet Union

• WhatsApp wasn’t always free.

• It doesn’t spend on advertisements

• WhatsApp is currently valued at $50.7 billion

• WhatsApp once had only 55 employees

• Google once tried to buy WhatsApp

• India has a special WhatsApp service unique to their country

• Sri Lanka temporarily banned WhatsApp in 2018

• WhatsApp business charges fees for late replies

• WhatsApp is not supported for iPod and iPad

Time change, people change their interest change, we have seen so many hypes and downfall of different social media’s. Some apps are good with faults and some are better without any faults whereas WhatsApp comes the best without flaws and the ability to adapt to the time which makes it the number one of social media’s.

“Every technology ages. The only thing that never gets old is connecting with people”

Quoted by Logan Pierce

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