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What's Behind a Mobile Application?

“You can take naps as there are mobile apps”

Mobile applications have made people life easier. In these days, one could buy from an apple to a costly appliance through mobile applications. They have been playing an important role in everyone’s life. Their significance has compelled many organizations to create a versatile and multifaceted application for their businesses and services. Mobile apps not only made ways for business doings but also have paved ways for learning from home and working from home, in an astonishing manner. To be precise, the entire world now revolves around the magic of mobile applications.

What is a mobile application?

Mobile application is a type of application software installed in mobile phone. It tends to do particular works for which it has been programmed. It gives user an easy access of various features it contains. A mobile app could be created for any line of business or service but it should contain features which are related to that particular business or service. In short, they are created to fulfill the particular needs of the particular users or customers who are going to use it.

How does a mobile application work?

Generally, Android mobile phone applications are coded with Android Studio, whereas Apple mobile phone applications are coded with Swift or Objective-C. Then, these codes will be stored in the Cloud system (Internet Storage) for the downloading purpose. When a user downloads an application from Play Store or App Store, it will be downloaded in APK (Android Package) format for android phones and in .ipa file format for Apple phones. When it is installed, it will become an application on the user’s mobile phone. It works according to the codes which have been written for.

Categories of mobile applications

There are many categories of mobile apps. Different categories of mobile apps are gaming apps, educational apps, life style apps, entertainment apps, business apps, travel apps, communication apps, health and fitness apps, medical apps, sports apps and so on. Some of the popular categories are

  • Gaming apps

Gaming apps are very popular among the users, who like to play games very much. This is not only an attractive category but also remunerative. Considering its popularity and profits many app developers try creating appealing mobile gaming apps. Even the mobile companies started launching mobile phones that contain best features for playing games.

  • Educational apps

Educational apps can be used for learning and for teaching. All educational apps do not fulfill their core purpose. Their purpose is accomplished only to some extent. These apps are helpful for users, who are keen in developing their knowledge.

  • Communication apps

Communication apps are meant for communication, either between two people or many people. Some popular communication apps are Whatsapp, Telegram and so on.

  • Entertainment apps

Entertainment apps are solely for entertaining the users. These include watching videos, live streaming of interesting and popular events and so on. Some popular entertainment apps are Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

Stages in creating a mobile application

Creating a mobile application has various stages. The following are the stages in creating a mobile application.

  • First of all, one should have an idea to create an application.

  • Based on that idea research is done.

  • After that, features of that application are listed out.

  • Then, a rough sketch is designed.

  • From that rough sketch, the design and features are finalized.

  • The final form of application is shaped and submitted to the app market or digital distribution platform for approval.

  • On receiving the approval, the promotion of the application is done.

  • Finally, feedbacks are received from the users. According to the feedbacks, changes are made to make it as a fully developed one.

Paid and free mobile applications

In Google Store, we can find both paid and free mobile applications. A paid mobile application demands the users to pay certain amount of money to get it installed, whereas a free mobile application does not demand any amount for downloading. The free mobile applications earn money by displaying advertisements while the users are working with them. Most of them provide their basic features free of cost but they demand payments for their advanced features.

Scope of mobile applications

“At the birth of web, companies aimed to get their websites bookmarked. Markets should be in a race to get their apps on the home screen of consumer’s smart devices” says Dick Stroud. The world is developing fast and the technology faster. The developments of mobile applications are substantial in the field of technology. There is a never ending demand for new and ingenious mobile applications and innovative app developers. This field is extremely competitive, where innovation matters a lot.

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