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“In some countries, WhatsApp is like Oxygen”-Quoted by Jan Koum.

In the recent times there have been so many confusions in the recent update. There was a lot of misinformation.

WhatsApp is constructed based on a simple idea of what you share with your friends and family stays between you. This will always protect your personal conversation with end-to-end encryption, that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see the private messages. They don’t keep logs of who everyone’s messaging or calling. They can’t see your shared location and we don’t share your contacts with Facebook.

But with the updates, nothing is changing. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy started a storm among its users who got concerned about the privacy of their chats and other data. A numbers of users started switching to other messaging apps for the safety of their data. WhatsApp announced a message about their WhatsApp privacy policy in order to reassure their users that their data and messages are safe.

The company declared that people can communicate privately in any manner and the privacy shall be maintained. The portal also stated that the new privacy policy of the business accounts shall be affected.

WhatsApp is facing a trust- crisis after it declared an update to the privacy policy, which explains on data sharing with Facebook, and how the data is used when a customer interacts with a business on the platform.

To further spice the update it added further transparency about how they collect and use data. But the “messages with friends and family” shall not be affected but not with the case of business messaging. “Messaging with businesses is different from messaging with your family or friends” and “the large businesses need to use hosting services to manage their communication”.

In the latest update WhatsApp is provides businesses the feature to use secure hosting services from Facebook to manage WhatsApp chats with their customers answer questions and send useful information like purchase receipts. It is briefed that “whether you employ phone, WhatsApp or e-mail for business communication, they go to examine your chats and can or won’t use that information for its own marketing purposes, which may help in advertisement on Facebook.

The rumors that WhatsApp answers on their privacy policy:

· Messages, hearing calls:

WhatsApp cleared it that they can’t read the messages or overhear your calls and nor the Facebook. WhatsApp reiterates on end-to-end encrypted chats. They also strongly told that they will never weaken that security and clearly label each and every chat so that their commitment is ascertained.

· Logs of chat and calls:

WhatsApp declared that “they won’t keep the records of two billion users because it is privacy and security risk.”

· Shared Locations:

When you are sharing your location with someone on WhatsApp, the location is protected by end-to-end encryption, which means no one can see the location except the person you share it with.

· Contacts with Facebook:

The app does not share the person’s contact with Facebook or other apps owned by Facebook.

· Group Privacy:

The chats on groups are also end-to-end encrypted and not shared with Facebook for ad purpose.

· Disappearing Messages:

The additional privacy introduced is the disappearing messages which will be deleted from the chat once you send them. The feature has to be individually turned on in each and every personal and group chat. The message takes seven days to disappear.

These the new updated privacy policy that they have introduced in the WhatsApp.

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