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“If Twitter is the snarky little brother of the social media family, then Pinterest is the crafty aunt who always brings the best desserts to holiday gatherings” – Quoted by Amy Lipold Bair.

Pinterest logo has a pin design hidden in the letter “P.” It's also a symbol of “pin it,”

Launch of Pinterest

Pinterest began in December 2009, and in Nine months after the launch it had 10,000 users. In early March 2011, the first PINTEREST App was launched for iPhone. This was further extended to iPad and a version of website for non-iPhone users. Pinterest grew massively during this period. In the first year the users were 5,000 and it grew to 100 million monthly active users in 2015, according to the social media reports.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, a visual wonderland with images of everything like recipes, home décor, photography, quotes and games. Pinterest is a Social Networking website or an application that allows you to organize and share ideas with others. Pinterest which is an AMERICAN image sharing, social media application for saving and discovering information( more specifically ideas). The pins that you love the most can be saved to boards and keep your ideas organized and can be easily to found whenever wanted.


Pins are the bookmarks that users use to save the ideas they love on the Pinterest App.

When you find something that your friend will love just click the send button and the pins directly to a friend or a group in a message to pass the inspiration around. This app also has chat option and allows you to chat with friends.

Creating Pins:

You can upload an image from your personal computer or mobile to create a Pin. You should add a title and a description to each Pin and you can give a website link if you have one.

Creating Boards:

The pins that we have saved will be there on the boards, create board sections. Add board decorations and keep similar idea in the same place. You can also add dates to the boards if you’re planning to use it on any events and can also make notes. You can also create checklists and remainders.

If you planning to keep your Pins private you can make your board secret and only you can see it and if you invite anyone to see your secret boards.

Viewing of Profile:

You can view all the saved pins and the created boards in your profile. The people who follow you and the boards can be viewed in the profile.

The creators at Pinterest summarized the service as a “catalogue of ideas” that inspires to do the things, Pinterest has the largest fashion profile. Pinterest is also know as the “virtual search engine”

So just give it a try at

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