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“I choose a lazy person to a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates

In this express world, people also like to do things in an express way. They opt easier ways to do works. This quest acts as a catalyst in technological development. It is not easy to earn money, but the more difficult job than earning money is to keep them safe. THEFT has become more common and people try all means to keep their money safe. Which is the safest place? Of course, the bank. Hard cash can be stolen easily. When people put their money in banks, they can access their money through credit or debit cards. Though money is safe, people must keep their cards secure, as the black magnetic line in the card can reveal the personal information, when stolen. Then what to do, to keep money and personal information safe? THE MOBILE WALLET.


“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” – Theodre Roosevelt

A tree does not become a tree without its seed. Here the history is like the seed and the development is the tree.

Earlier people exchanged things to buy things. Then they used barley to buy things. Later they used gold and silver, then after the invention of metals, they used coins. After this stage of evolution, came the banks and they introduced the rupee notes. Then came the cheques into action, it was considered as the easiest way to handle money. After cheques came the credit and debit cards, this took the transference of money the next stage. Online payments became more popular and everyone opted that way of payment. after E-commerce. Payment of money now is simpler, easier and quicker than before, as people use their mobile wallets to pay money.


A wallet is a small pouch or a case, used to keep money and cards. They are made in such a way that they fit one’s pocket. THEN WHAT IS A MOBILE WALLET? DOES MOBILE HAS A WALLET WITHIN IT? Yes, mobiles have wallet within them, not physically but in the form of an application.


Mobile wallet is an application that is used to transfer money or to do payments.


One can download it either from Google store or App store respectively. These applications requires information of the bank account that a person like to link with the app. The linking is done with the help of debit or credit card number and few other steps for security purpose like phone number, OTP (One Time Password) and so on. Once all these steps are completed, the bank account would be successfully added to the application. Then transferring of money can be done easily.

Transferring money can be done in two ways,


Open the application and enter the phone number of the recipient. A page demanding the amount to be sent and mode of payment will appear. Enter the amount that need to be sent and select the mode of payment as either from bank account or from the app (Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe) wallet. Then enter pay to transfer the amount.

  • QR (Quick Response) CODES

By just scanning, the QR code of the recipient and entering the amount and mode of payment the transaction is done.


  • PhonePe

  • Amazon Pay

  • PayPal

  • Alipay

  • Google Pay

  • Paytm

The CORONA VIRUS pandemic has left a never ending impact on everyone all over the world.

C – Contactless life

O – Online lifestyle

R – Regular home Remedies

O – One by one methodology

N – No crowding

A – And following safety measures in public

Among them the most important impact is the CONTACTLESS LIFE, after this pandemic people try avoiding direct contact with one another. They opt ways so that they avoid contacting people and things in public. The MOBILE WALLET way of payment allows them to stay contactless. After this pandemic strike, the mobile wallet payment option is almost found everywhere. As this allows payment just by scanning QRcodes through mobile phones and avoids contact. This may be a new thing for many but soon or later it will be the most used way of payment method. Thus mobile wallets has made life EASY, EASIEST and EASIER.

The WORLD choose to PAY,
In a easy WAY.
Avoid queue LINE.

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