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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

"Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge”- Ray Kurzweil

A single mobile phone is an electronic device that has the ability to bring the whole world into our palm. It is a multi-purpose device, which is used not only for communication but also for visualization, browsing, and for many more interesting purposes. All these purposes can only be fulfilled through the development of MOBILE APPLICATIONS. It is a software application or a program that is used to run the devices such as phone and tablets.

Today’s scenario portrays that the usage of mobile applications seem endless in its purpose. Be it may from small-scale businesses or the applications that are related to fitness, communication, religion and it goes on anything that you can’t imagine.


The history of the mobile app begins parallel with the history of mobile phone. Initial development of the basic software’s goal is to send and receive calls. Technology at its development, the first ever smart phone was put in motion by IBM in the year 1993. In 1997, the Nokia 6110 an in-built gaming app. The first smart phone took its birth only with basic features such as contact book, calendar, clock and calculator. And later on by the introduction of IPhone and app store in the year 2007 by Apple, the application industry got improvised. When turning back to its history, the reason for its at-most popularity is the freedom given to develop and upload it in the app store.


At present, there are about 2 million apps available in play-store and 1.5 billion apps available in app store. Technically there are few basic categories in apps that are varied according to their development and use. They are,

NATIVE APPS – specifically designed for a particular mobile operating system which is programmed by a particular programming dialect

WEB APPS - are basically websites that have the quality of interaction. They are accessible only via the internet browser and it gets adapted to any device. It need not be downloaded or installed instead it responds immediately to the user with an active internet connection.

HYBRID APPS – are the combination of both native and web apps. Hybrid apps perform similarly to web app but they are wrapped into a native app.


In general, the presence of various mobile apps in our devices seems like an add-on to the decorum. People are reliable in mobile apps as it makes their life style easier. This keeps the app developers motivated and makes the public’s demand possible. Today, mobile phones have become a part of every individual’s life. The access of mobile phones has increased only through these many numbers of mobile applications. Among different apps the EEE’S (Entertainment, Education, and Earning) apps plays a pivotal role.

ENTERTAINMENT- Such kind of apps prove that mobile phones are not just a device that is used for businesses and communication but also for human relaxation. The most striking entertainment app that comes to our mind is “Gaming app” that is loved by all age groups (i.e. from childhood to elders). Each gaming app has its own uniqueness in its features to grab the attention. And in-case of people who are music lovers, there are certain apps designed accordingly.

EDUCATION- As mentioned earlier, mobile phones are the real gateways to human knowledge. This statement is proved by many app developing companies along with the help of app developers. Educational apps have a huge impact among the students as well as the educationalists. Such E-learning apps should be developed in such a way to provide a quality material same as provided in libraries.

EARNING- Every human beings final motive in his/her own life is to earn money. Money making apps brought out the possibilities of earning money with or without any investment. Though it is not capable of equalizing regular income it can be as a side hustle to improve one’s life economically.


Mobile applications are in the process of sustained evolution as they are useful for promoting new start-ups and entrepreneurs. These applications help to reach the customers 24/7 and in just a one-time expense. The two key factors which the app developments are using as tools are the user satisfaction and user experience. In the upcoming development, we would face the scenario where devices would design for what you have been looking for in an app that is been fit into the screen of our device as a small icon.

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