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Does it be more contented to have the world in hands?

Modern Era

“Is it easy to communicate with the next door concerning your dietary plans, nowadays? Where comes the solution? Can solutions be available at any social markets? Exactly NO!”

Rather, we can seek it from different applications available in App market which has extra-ordinary updates. Mobile Applications take us to the world of supremacy. It enhances the betterment of life style where we cannot imagine our life without these apps.

Software Application and Users

Mobile Applications are relevant to work on mobile devices – comprising iOS, Android tablets and other devices. From where these software applications begin?

Apps are initiated with calendars, and calculators evolved in the Java framework during the year of 1993 by IBM. The very first smartphone comprised of 10 inbuilt apps like Address book, Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Note Pad, Simple Games, and Sketch Book.

Theoretically, around 2.7 billion people are mobile users. People use mobile applications for every 4 minute by spending 90% of their time. Leisure time can be utilized using many informative applications said by many profiteers. Apps are user- friendly, unique, and available with rich features.

Bi- Benefits

Software Applications incorporate many updated information where users can benefit more and more spontaneously. Moreover, applications are trending in advertising many other applications and products in- between processing. Hence, the development of an application has bi- benefits on Users and Advertisers.

‘The more you play, the more I will interrupt’- is a fact, which a gamer should learn to hold back from advertisement in between gaming. Advertisers utilize apps in order to improve their stream of marketing. It reaches many people and makes the consumers familiarize with the product easily.

Here both the users and the advertisers are benefiting through mobile applications by implementing the products.


YOUR PLANS ARE NOT FINISHED. - Quoted by Wendy Clerk

Specific Content

• Dietary apps

• Workout apps

• Shopping apps

• Games

• Media based apps

• Musical apps and so on.

Not all the fingers are same likewise, applications are different from one another. They are specific in particular contents. For instance, Dietary apps won’t provide media content rather than, it will provide us a chart of diet and let us monitor ourselves.

We can choose top rated applications on the same content. People can access different remainder apps like calendar, notes etc. to give an alert on time. “Service based on Satisfaction”

In addition, there are many apps holding the same content whereby users have a chance of choosing the best appropriate applications. Users can provide rating to the used apps to enhance the development of applications.

Offline- Online

Applications can either be used offline, and online that is based on user’s easement. Some apps are free to utilize and some need to be paid.

We can access prime features [Amazon Prime, Netflix] through paying. Users can access applications easily within their comfort zone.

Applications are enabled with the mode of notifications. It will notify us often with information and updates available. Notifications provide the users with messages from other people, remainders, information from other apps, and it directly takes the users to the app.

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