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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

“Great companies obsess over productivity, not efficiency.”

Quoted by  Michael Mankins

In this article, I’m getting to run you through my pick of 5 time management and productivity apps which will assist you get more done every hour of the working day.

Productivity tools are available in many various forms, and they often take a special approach to improving your workflow. So I’m not just getting to reel off a bunch of apps and figure out all of your problems are solved.


Trello is a project management app that creates managing projects less stressful and enjoyable. It all starts with the platforms Kanban philosophy. Users can break big projects down into smaller chunks by creating cards for each task. Cards are often arranged into different columns which represent different phases of the project. As tasks get completed, cards are easily transferred from one column to subtitles. This process might look during a real-life scenario:

Jen is tasked to manage her company's blog. In order to stay track of all the articles written and submitted by different writers, she creates a Trello board with four columns :Blog ideas, Write , Editing and Published. As each blog idea works on, it makes it's way from the "Blog Idea" column and all thanks to the "Published" column when the article has been finished and posted. Trello is liberal to use, though they are doing offer premium plans with additional features starting at $ 9.90 a month.


To-Do Calendar Planner could also be an excellent app to rearrange and manage your tasks. It is a strong tool that helps you link your personal goals to tasks enlisted. You'll schedule tasks directly on the calendar, set multiple reminders for a gathering and write notes for specific appointments.

The tasks are often seen during a daily, weekly or monthly view. You will get yourself organised effectively by dividing your task into sub-tasks and setting specific goals. You'll synchronise with Google calendar. Also it provides a clean-up feature that helps you prioritise your tasks. To-Do Calendar Planner is an all-in-one personal digital assistant which can improve your productivity.


Todoist was recently named the only to undertake to list app by The Verge and it’s easy to determine. The simple, elegant interface puts the most target on the tasks at hand. Just type within the action you'd wish to attempt to set a maturity and it will remind you of when your deadlines are quickly approaching.

Todoist shows you tasks that are due today, tomorrow and within subsequent week. For apps that specialize in simple reminders, it’s great. I put within the things I wanted to research than the app prompted me to undertake to them quickly. I’ve never tried to undertake to a huge project in Todoist, but I don’t need it for that. I would like it to tell me when to undertake to follow-ups or to pick up laundry.

What’s nice though is that Todoist integrates with Google calendar, then your tasks and events can meet themselves. That’s the hard a neighbourhood of most to-do mobile apps. It also works great for everyday tasks like sharing a grocery list alongside your spouse or splitting it up among roommates.


Evernote could also be a touch beleaguered lately, but it’s still one of the foremost popular options for an internet to-do list app. Their hash-tagging system has revolutionized notes as the way to arrange and their handwriting detection and search option may be a tremendous addition too.

Their WebClipper is a popular option if you discover yourself browsing and saving tasks and notes from the web. In addition, it gives you an entire writing space to form checklists, meetings notes, grocery list and sync across devices. This works well if you’re at your computer but want to ask something on your phone later — Evernote has you covered.


This is from the creators of Wunderlist, but slightly different. In fact, it integrates with Office 365, supplying you with access to a neighbourhood of the last word productivity suite. You can even add tasks and create lists from Outlook. For some people and teams, that's enough reason to switch over to Microsoft To-Do.

But need more? Microsoft To-Do gives you plenty of customization options to spice up appearances.To-Do is free and should be a heavyweight competitor to all or any of other online to-do list-apps.

It’s best feature? The “My Day” focus list tells you exactly what tasks to need care of, ranked not only by your due dates but also by colour-coded labels.

As a citizen of this digital world, the usage of Apps can't be relegated. This is often because it affords you the chance to enhance your productivity with minimal effort. And it'll in fact, add value to your life. So, why would someone during this modern age decide to not live a far better life by using these apps?

“The mobile phone is used from when you get up in the morning and is often the last thing you interact with at night.”

Quoted by Jan Chipchase

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