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Do you feel insecure with your learning nowadays?

As the saying goes,

“It’s the teacher that makes difference and not the classroom.”

- quoted by Michael Morpurgo

The Field of Education is vast, eventually the medium of learning is vast too! Let’s keep your panic aside during some pandemic situations. Education is not about where you study and what your mode of studying is.

Rather, contemporarily there are several ways to make your learning effective than being in a classroom physically i.e. e-learning, where children can study within their comfort zone.

Looking for the best platform for e-learning?

Without any doubts you can choose BYJU’S learning app to enhance your mode of learning.

BYJU’S app is one of the authentic and efficient platform in this contemporary world of technology. It is very easy to use this app- just install the app from Google play store or App store and enroll yourself.

Based on survey and researches, 70% of the students believe that BYJU’S learning app is more convenient as it is technology oriented classes.


Size: 87Mb

From where, when and by whom?

The headquarters of BYJU’S app is located in Hyderabad. BYJU’S app is an invention of Think and Learn Pvt. Limited. It is organized by BYJU Raveendran in 2011.

Due to his continuous effort, it is developed as BYJU’S learning app within 4 years (2015). It is the place where, the Change in process of Learning occurs.

BYJU’S Classes

Teachers need to stop saying, Hand it in and start saying Publish it.”

-quoted by Alan November

Children can actively concentrate in BYJU’S e-classes, as it has video session’s and one to one interactions with teachers. Especially, full length lectures are taken by some of the experts like BYJU Raveendran, P.N. Santosh and so on.

BYJU’S app provide classes for the kids from 1st to 12th standard with apparent audio and simplified voice modulation.

BYJU’S learning app needs the regular update in order to continue their free subscription. It has an extra benefit-

BYJU’S Parent connect app will help the parents to track their kids activity and learning progress.

More effectively,

• Students from class 1-3 will learn Math and English

• Students from class 4-12 will learn Math and Science

• Classes for IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT and IAS

• Classes for all CBSE/ICSE/State Board students

• Avail for free and paid services

• Training for some international exams- GRE, GMAT

Learning Methodology

Students are allotted with individual guide where they can learn at ease. Over 200 practice tests are conducted for each. Apparently, 20 mock tests are made for the students preparing for CAT exams.

Test questions will be both objective type, short and long answers.

Tips and some shortcut techniques for clearing problems are shared by the top teachers. During class, students can ask their questions to mentors whenever they need. Doubts and problems can be solved in Skype or through the E-mail by the team of BYJU’S mentor support.

Secured in Top 10!

Vedantu, Wonder school, Age of Learning are some of the opponents of BYJU’S learning app. It is more successful than the mentioned applications because the process of education is effectively taken over by technology.

BYJU’S learning app is financially supported by many reputed organizations and receives funds from Aarin Capital {seed funding}, Bond {a global technology} and from many other companies.

BYJU’S learning app scores in four areas; Career opportunities, Senior management, Compensation and Benefits and Positive Business Outlook.

Year and Accomplishments

• 2011- Started by Think and Learn private limited

• 2015- Developed as the biggest platform, ‘BYJU’S learning app’

• 2018- 1.5 crore users (15million) & 9,00,00 paid users

• Rise of 600% in BYJU’S download from 2017 to 2020

• Announced as the most authentic ed-tech company

Approximately, the number of users is raised to 4 crore & 30,00,000 paid users.

Cancellation and Refund Policy (products of CAT & IAS)

Cancellation of BYJU’S product should be done within 24 hours by either using registered mail id or by calling +91-9241333666.

Refund will take around 10 days from the period of cancellation to your respective bank account.

Recent updates (2020)

• 9,000 workers from all around

• Classes for LKG & UKG kids

• March- announced free online classes

• April- 7.5 million students enrolled

• 3 million paid subscribers

If you want to teach people a new way of teaching, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

- R. Buckminster Fuller

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