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Looking for Comfort? Economy or Luxury travel??


It is weird to ask others for giving us a free ride, isn’t it? So here comes an eco- friendly company where we can hire automobiles at an affordable cost.

From where it started? By whom? And when?

ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., initiated and progressed OLA traveling services in India – Bangalore, Karnataka. Many people are involved as Investors for OLA services including Softbank. As per the research, they have received many stakes all over Mumbai from 3- December- 2010.

What is Ola?

Ola- Operational Level Agreement – defined as ‘Deliver a Service’.

Ola offers mobility services and it connects customers to the drivers. It is the leading mode of transportation among people.

Customers can save time and money by using Ola cabs. It ensures the safety of customers.

OLA- its Destination

How come it is destined and on what purpose?

Initially, if offered work for 15 lakh drivers across 250 cities. OLA incorporated auto- rickshaws on a trial basis in Bangalore and later it is well executed in Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and so on.

Theoretically, the extension of OLA across the world is charted as,

• Australia - January 2018

• New Zeeland – September 2018

• London – March 2019

Overall, 25,000 people were registered to run their job as drivers whereby in London, OLA Company have appointed merely 10,000 drives [mostly for auto- rickshaws]. Both offline and online features are made applicable to people for registering.

People started using this mode of traveling at affordable cost, effectively. According to the survey, 1,50,000 bookings are taking place per day from all over the world.

“I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me.”

Quoted by Walt Whitman

Looking for Coupons?

If you care for coupons, then you can opt for OLA cabs. They offer more marvelous coupons across India. You can use Ola coupons for getting more discounts. Ola assists promo codes whereby users can use the coupon by clicking those codes.

• 50% offer for first four Ola Mini/ Prime rides

• 30% discount for new users and so on

Ola provides self-driving services with a Zoom car. As well, customers can use shared cab services whereby they can reduce the pay for that ride.

Offers are widely provided through mail, messages and they directly notify the customers by app notifications.

Cashback offers

Ola wallet is effective for paying through personal cards [credit, debit cards, and customers can use Ola Wallet for other online shopping. Maximum use of Ola wallet will get you a cashless ride and other impressive cashback offers. For

For example; 20% cashback offers on using Google Pay.

Online booking

Nowadays, it is simple to book cabs online. One or two cabs must be available near your pick- up point.

Step 1: Download the app from Google play store or App store.

Step 2: Register.

Step 3: Enter source and destination [current location].

Step 4: Confirm booking.

“Get in- from where you are!”

Membership in OLA

Too many offers and discounts are available for the members of Ola.

• No peak time paying [ available for 24/7]

• First concern for your bookings

• Discounts on riding a four-wheeler at an affordable cost

• Free Wi-fi services

“Trust more, save more!!”

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