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Quite bored with the title! History is not always boring and when getting into the history of technological developments it brings us to the end of our seats. Technology has an unbelievable trait of rebirth in just a fortnight. Interesting, huh? Yes, obviously it would be. Unlike the history we studied in our schooling, we are not going back to the flashback mode, not past centuries. Technology throws even the previous night’s stuff into its history because every minute has its own competition and innovation in this field. The ‘Internet of things’ another milestone in the development of technology brought the whole world at the tip of our fingers.


It’s impossible to head into the history of mobile apps without peeping into the history of mobile phone. The first hand- mobile phone was introduced by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973 which weighed around 2 kg. In 1983, the Dyna TAC 8000x was the first to be commercially sold in the market. The intrusion of smartphones once again pushed in the development of mobile applications for client requirement when the time machine gets fast forwarded for the next decade.Since then, technology had made headway at a mind- boggling rate through the mobile apps by all means!


The first ever app created for the so- called “entertainment” was the game ‘Snake’ introduced as a pre-loaded game on Nokia phones which turned out to be a global sensation. Then simple developments like calculators, ringtone creators and calendars occurred. And certain mobile companies like Blackberry tried to provide more apps through the Wireless Application Protocol via Internet. The device vaunted over its feature of wireless email which gave a big drive to the app development.

But it was in 2007, the real birth of today’s most recognizable apps happened through the launch of the first iPhone. People’s style of using apps was completely revolutionized by the implementation of touch screen features, smart keyboard and an internet based web browser. This was the commencement of a new era in the technological industry.

Just a year later, the App Store was launched with 500 apps. To be more precise, about 552 apps were launched including 135 free download suggestions. Users started to get the true taste of what they really wanted in these consecutive years. As everyday brought a new competitor into the field like the Google Play, the Amazon App Store and Blackberry’s App Store people had chances to enjoy vast number of apps on their mobile phones.


“There’s an App for That” as an impressive and catchy slogan caught people’s eyes and rung in their ears after the Apple’s campaign in 2007. And in 2014, it proved to be right, when it was identified that seventy five billion apps were downloaded in the App Store. Draw Something and Instagram increased in their popularity with 50 million downloads and the game Angry Birds went viral over one billion downloads. When an app goes popular, developers searched for the way to create a better version for it and when a new device popped up in the market, developers applauded and enjoyed that they have a new way to showcase their apps.

While getting into certain impressive statistics, we come to know that one of five people in the world owns a smartphone. Whoa! That’s about one fifth of the entire population! What’s more interesting is people use their smartphones at least 2 hours in a day especially in mobile applications.

In today’s world, businesses are being told to work on their mobile strategy adopting the “mobile- first” approach. And even the Editor of Android Central Phil Nickinson goes with the same,

The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.”

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