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“Creativity is great

But not in accounting”

Quoted by Charles Scott.

In 2016, Ravish Naresh, with his college friends, started; an app which block spams and organizes the inbox .It helped the users to understand their expense pattern using the SMS. The users felt good when they received SMS after every digital transaction; also they were aware about their financial state with the application. However the team realised that something was incorrect, and figured that all the users were out of metropolitan cities.

The new market that is coming online, thanks to Jio, is completely outside of metro cities and deals in cash. So digital transaction or spend manager was not making a huge difference for them,” says Ravish.


Through a deep analysis, the team found out that their users are not familiar with the digital transactions and still they were relying on traditional khata. Here the idea for KhataBook appeared for the Kyte team. “It is important to build something that people want and then try to build a business around it,” says Ravish. And in 2018, they developed an app to manage cash and named it as KhataBook to make the users comfortable with their own tradition. This was an idea to make sure that the actual Khata can be replaced by digital Khata.


The team decided to focus on the small shopkeepers and helped them to manage their transactions and track repayments. Also, the team decided to include SMS inbox in khatabook. Adding to this, it made sure that the app sends free SMS regarding the updates and sets payment reminders. This feature has ensured a 3X faster return on credits for their users. After this, the app was downloaded by 10 million+ users and the rate of usage are growing steady with good reviews and recommendations. The app has 5.5 million active users per month and it aims for 20 million users by the end of 2020


· It is 100% Free, Safe, and Secure.

· It provides free SMS/Whatsapp updates to customers on every transaction.

· Automatic Secured Online Backup facility

· Personal Khata books can be created to manage payments with friends & family.

· Payment reminder can be sent through WhatsApp payment to customers.

· One app can manage multiple shops.

· Customers PDF Report can be downloaded.

· One khata book account can be used on Multiple Phones.

· It reminds the payment date for customer.

· Account book is secured using App Lock.

· Customer can be added or edited to the Khata book whenever needed.

· Old transactions can be edited or deleted.

· It is a Simple UX/UI design to manage.

This app is useful for millions of shopkeepers; especially it helps the small and medium business doing shopkeepers. Shops of any category can be benefited by using this application: - Grocery shops, Mobile shops, Bakery, medical store, tailor shop, Tea shop, Cafe, Electronics Shops, Sweet shop, Chat corner.


Khata Book-Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Account Book is available to download on desktop or personal computer. Khatabook is the topmost and popular app with 4.6/ 5.0 star ratings. This app is available to download free on smartphones. However, it is not developed for platforms like desktop and personal computers. Officially it cannot be installed on PC. But it doesn't mean that there is no other way to use this app on PC. There are few tricks that will allow to install apps from Google playstore to laptop. Using android emulators Khata Book-Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Account Book for PC can be downloaded. And these emulators forms a virtual android environment in PC which helps to install and use the Khatabook app.


Though Khatabook still has a long way to go, its success has already started taking shape in Digital India with its 20 lakh active users. Shopkeepers in small towns not only familiar with smartphones, they are also updated and seeking out for solutions that can improve their everyday lives and businesses. However, it took time to reach an Indian living in a small town and identify the opportunity. The application was spotted by the thriving startup community in India and it polished and gave them their wings. And now the app is finding its own space among the foreign investors. Several things had to fall in one place for an idea in a small Indian village, such as smartphone usage, internet availability and connectivity and of course, raw talents. These are necessary to end up serving millions of users, and for the last three years they did an amazing service for their active users.

“Accounting is the language of business”

Quoted by Warren Buffett

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