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Formerly, Google pay is referred to as Android Pay or Google Tez.Contemporarily it is stylized as G Pay. It is one of the efficient apps centered on the digital wallet and online payment method created by Google.

The initial release of Android Pay was on 11th September 2015 and later Old Android Pay and Google Wallet is a unified single pay system which is now referred to as Google Pay on 8th January 2018. is the online website given to Google Pay.


Sujith Narayanan and Sumit Gwalani are the co-founders of Google pay. It is an open digital payment process made by the National Payment Corporation of India.

India is the only country which adopts UPI based payments. Contemporarily, G- pay is effectively used in 30 countries and generally accepted by 7, 00, 000 merchants.


Initially, in 2015 it is known as Android pay compatible with 70% mobile devices. Later it is redesigned as Google pay in 2018. G- Pay is accepted by 30 countries across the world.

• UK- September 2016, accepted by major financial institutions like Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyd bank, and so on • Singapore- June/ 2016 • Australia- July/ 2016 • Republic of Ireland- December/ 2016 In 2016, a Public trial is made in Silicon Valley by using a mobile app called Hands Free. In this trial, they accessed the method of Photo recognition which is previously updated in the system.

Service and its Efficiency

“TIME IS AS VALUABLE AS MONEY” – let us save our time using Google Pay!

Google Pay can be used by users having android phones, tablets, and watches (Android Operating System). It passes access to coupons, boarding passes, movie tickets, public transportation tickets, and so on.

Users can make their payments through Google pay during online shopping and mobile recharges. As well as, users can send or receive money from others via Google Pay (US/ India only).

Applied Techniques

Google pay makes use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which a set of communication protocols. It is widely used between two electronic devices within a distance of 4cm, whereby here customers can transfer their pay to retailers using Google Pay.

It is a method of payment similar to other Contactless payments followed by many countries. Google Pay requires a specific screen lock in the device to make it secured. It is emphasized with two factors of authentication.

• It keeps card details (credit/ debit) private and safe. • Despite using personal card details, it uses a one-time security code (OTP).

Google pay uses EMV Payment Tokenization Specification which keeps the card details of customers private by creating dynamic security code.


Google Pay has no card limits. It can be accessed from your comfort zone without any hesitation. Restrictions are made for transactions more than ten times a day. Users can send or receive the money within the limit of one lakh.

G-pay develops a cashless economy with the emergence of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) which has a four-digit personal identification number to make the payments secured.

Steps to follow while installing G-pay,

1. Install the app 2. Enter your mobile number linked with the bank account (Number should be active) 3. Sign in using your Google account 4. Link particular bank account to G-pay 5. Send or Receive money by searching for contacts 6. Proceed payment by entering the UPI pin


Google pay makes the customer's buying experience- faster, convenient, and rewarding. Google wallet cannot be hacked by everyone but by some professional hackers. But in Google pay, it is impossible to hack at any cause because it is protected with encryption.

It is safer to utilize G- pay than using personal cards. Here, payment information is encrypted and saved on Google secure services that help in speeding the checkout process. G- Pay is a free mobile app available in Google play store.

Bi- Benefits (Merchant & Customer)

• Easy payment method - running in no time • No specific transaction fee • Easier checkouts in store • Free from hand cash and wallets • Peace of mind – secured payment • Increased sales

Day to day life with Google Pay

Google pay makes our shopping stress-free and easy to purchases. It is the simplest way of making payments between customers and merchants.

Safe and secured mode of online payments – shopping, mobile recharges, paying bills, student cards, and so on. Google pay makes our day to day life more easy and secured.

Sometimes it is better to be updated with technology to make our life at ease!”

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