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10 Most Popular Apps

"Not having a mobile site or mobile app

Is like being closed every Thursday"

Quoted by Michael Singer

In this versatile world everything is being processed in online mode. Especially after the inventions of various applications, we tend to attain anything with our personal gadgets. Why don’t we love to save our time with the assistance of applications within a couple of minutes, instead of spending ourselves in some time consuming activities. Here are the 10 most popular applications used by the majority of the app users.

1. You Tube

You Tube is one of the most popular and used application around the world. From the hottest gossip videos to what’s in trend is being uploaded. It provides a great chance to display one’s opinion, talent and upload what they desired. It’s been used by 2 billion users across the world.

2. G-mail

It is a free email service designed by Google. Though several other apps have been designed after G-mail, it is still a popular application used to share official and genuine information. It provides various features such as snooze emails, un-send option, setting an expiration date and passcode for sensitive mails. It is used by 1.8 billion people around the world.

3. Uber

It is the world’s leading on-demand cab service application which is ruling over 70 different countries. This platform enables the rider and the driver to connect through the application, which helps to know the exact location of the rider as well as the driver. It is widely used for its easiest approach and simple payment method. Also, it is considered as the fastest cab service with the affordable price.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a powerful application for digital marketing than Facebook and twitter. It almost covers everything which includes news ,fashion, health, entertainment and beauty. It has several new features such as stories, highlights and reels. Around 26.9 million users are found using this app for various purposes around the world.

5. WhatsApp

It is one of the widely used chat application for the communication purpose. The application itself has the updated features which includes video call, group chat, status upload and voice message. As it covers international phone networks, end to end encryption mode is enabled for the safety purpose of the users. Around 200 million people are benefited through this application.

6. Google Play

Google has launched an official mobile app store called Google Play, where users can find and download any compatible applications for their smart phones. Free applications, paid applications and upcoming trending mobile applications can be found in this platform. Around 67 million monthly users are benefited without much effort.


It is the world’s most famous social networking application, available for Android, IOS and other mobile platforms. Facebook’s target is to bring the world closer together by its various features. “Technology is best when it brings people together’’ It helps people to be connected with their friends, family and family around them. Around 346.3 million people are downloading and using the application for their social and business communication.

8. Messenger

Messenger is used by 1.3 billion people across the world. It provides messaging facility to Facebook users, and it is equally popular to the Facebook application. It is an instant messaging service, however it does not need Facebook to use the messenger.

9. Google meet

Google meet helps dozens of people to join the same online meeting, where they can share their opinions, ideas and views. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the user’s rate had increased a lot comparing to the previous years, as it helps a lot of people to attend their online classes. Around 3 million people are using this app.

10. Google pay

Finally yet importantly, Google pay is also a widely used application in digital wallet platform. Again it is another application developed by Google which helps the users to send and receive money on mobile devices. Once the user adds the card details, he/she can make contactless payments through this app.The payment is activated by the physical authentications such as fingerprint for the safety purpose. And it is used by 67 million people every month.

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